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The First Ward Visual and Historical Arts Center is a non- profit, dedicated to function as a working gallery for residential artists, as well as a educational and historical resource for the first ward

Monday, May 10, 2010

Revised funding plan

Funding Model Outline


Elder St. Visual and Historical Arts Center’s objectives during the first year of business are:

1. To generate earned revenue from a combination of admission fees, programming, outreach, retail sales and special events.
2. To secure new funding sources including; foundation grants, government grants and corporate donations.
3. To have 19 Art shows
4. To serve 1,200 children and elderly in the surrounding area with our outreach

Organization Summery

Elder St. Visual and Historical Art’s Center is a not-for-profit organization formed to provide an operating gallery for the residents of Elder St. Artist lofts*; as well as a community outreach center providing a educational resource to the residents of the First Ward.

The center will be staffed by residents of Elder St Artist Lofts, as well as master artist-teachers. We plan to offer a dynamic, unique and constantly evolving program. A historical monument and creative resource that cannot be duplicated.

We will incorporate a permanent open art studio for classes and for use by the artists in residence. In addition, we will have a revolving set of installations including, “ pur surveillance Maritime Installation, Historical, artistic view “Below the Surface.” And several other TBA initiatives being executed by Elder St. residents. The Elder St. Visual and Historical Gallery, which will provide a venue for our resident artists, as well as other area artists to showcase their work.

Our Center will offer special artist led workshops and lectures on a daily basis, including our after school “ apprentice workshop” for teenagers, and our “Daily Special Art Activity.” Monthly docent visits lead by representatives of Houston area galleries and museums, scheduled gallery openings and seasonal special events.


Elder St. Visual and Historical Center Will house Two permanent art stations. One for use of the artists in residence and the second for guided lesions, and outreach. Our resident teaching artists will staff and provide guidance.

We will also have several computers to provide a station for the graphic arts to be explored.

The resident teaching artists staffing the center will be available to answer questions and guide visitors through the Gallery and teaching center.

Community Outreach Program:

Elder St, Visual and Historical Center will provide an educational and cultural experience to meet the needs of schools community groups and private organizations.

Most programs will run between one and two hours in length and will run during regular center hours. In addition, Elder St. Visual and Historical Arts Center will provide programming with special needs that will be developed and executed by A licensed therapist and an arts director with experience in art therapy.

Apprentice Workshop

This workshop is held twice weekly for an hour and a half. Students can choose to come in twice a week, or cater to the program to meet their needs and register for only a portion of the program. All Sessions are led by a resident teaching artist with experience in business and education.


Elder St. Will also provide a small shop that will sell affordable, quality art supplies, handmade unique items and paintings. Most items will be made by artists and sold on a consignment basis.


The environment created will appeal to a cross section of families without regard to racial, educational or economic background; Including the range of Schools and community gathering places. We are in the process of developing relationships with Houston-area Galleries and arts organizations, as well a schools and historical preservationists.

Service Providers Analysis

There is no known organization in the Houston area that offers the unique art and historical experience provided by Elder St. Visual and Historical Center.

Alternatives come from such Houston institutions as the Winter Street Galleries (and the surrounding artist co-ops) , Lawndale Art Center, Discovery green (providing classes for children in the downtown area) Space taker.

Elder St Visual and Historical Center intends to establish cooperative relationships with these organizations with the expectation that increased awareness in these types of programs will result in mutual benefit.

Implementation Summery:

Marketing for workshops and special events will have a economical and effective way to generate revenue; By targeting a specific interest in the participation of a target market.

Building and Maintaining a solid database of notational customers will be critical to the success of the outreach programs. We will provide onsite outreach to all interested in joining.

Approximately %60 of Elder St. Center will be generated by the combination of membership, admissions , programming, retail sales and related activities, the remainder of our funding will be generated by

1. The writing of proposals to secure grants from foundations

2. The solicitation of individuals, corporations and small businesses

2. An annual large scale benefit

4. A variety of small scale fundraising activities.

We believe that we will be able to manage our consumable expenses through the pursuit of in-kind donations from businesses and individuals, the creative use of found objects and inexpensive means of buying bulk items.

A strong internet presence is a key goal to extend our market reach. Initially our market will be locally based, but we will rely on a dynamic and informative website to support our efforts, while providing information on a larger scale.

Elder St.Visual And Historical Center has started an extensive fundraising campaign to provide our initial startup costs. Our current work includes of the development of prospect lists of persons who may be interested in providing financial donations; And the writing of grant proposals.

Company Summery:

1. Company Ownership
1. Avenue CDC and Artspace
2. Company Location

a. 1011 Elder St, Houston TX 77007

Source and Use For Funds:
1. Building
2. Capital for basic necessities
3. Beginning inventory
4. Working capital

Advisory Board:
1. Attorney
2. Accountant
3. Sales expert
4. Public relations consultant
5. Financial planning
6. Technology
7. Member of a local development center.

8. Artspace

9. Elder St. Artist Association.

Every Sixth months to start, Or as we feel issues need to be addressed.

Start Up Fees

3. Initial equipment fixtures
3. License permits
4. Initial training
5. Remodeling
6. Interior and exterior signage
7. Starting inventory


1. Computer *donated*
2. Desk *donated*
3. Chair *donated

4. Art Dividers for main room
5. Instillation lighting
6. Bar
7. Viewing couch
8. Classroom tables/supply closet
9. Mini fridge *donated*
10. Basic supplies/art
11. * Kiln * possibility

Operating Budget:
1. Advertising
2. Depreciation

3. Personnel costs
4. Miscellaneous expenses
5. Inventory
6. Legal, accounting fees
7. Utilities
8. Salaries
9. Repairs and maintenance
10. Taxes

Staffing : (make use of independent contractors) –to keep costs low
* think about people that compensate for your weaknesses *

-educational and bonus incentives.
1. Part time book keeper.
2. Monthly Maintenance
3. Training of Staff
a. Payroll

b. QuickBooks

4. Online Fundraising

5. Contact Management Systems/ Contact Relationship Management

6. SaaS

7. Internships a. Provide training for persons interested in work with non profits / Art business management.

8. Cleaning staff

Management and Personal estimated salaries (first year)

Book keeper :part time


Tax Accountant (part time)


SubTax Accountant




Cleaning staff 2x a week $60 (104 x60)


Graphic Designer (One time fee)40 hours at $40 an hour $1,600

Graphic Designer (monthly upkeep) $80x12


Lawyer Fees $100 A month


Executive Director *


Building and Associated Budget Estimate;

1. Electricity

Electricity Budget Estimate

10 (40 watt)$ .50 a day(12 hours) x 365



40 (60 watt) $2.90 a day (12 hours)x365



Fridge/freezer (auto defrost)15.30 a month x 12



3 computers($.73 a day) 10 hours .73X365



Heater (zone 3 index) 35 btu per SFX3000 =.97 a day =120 days (4months) 116.00

Air Conditioning 13700 +/-700 Btu/hour



2. Gas
3. Internet

$42.95 a month x12


4. Water


7,000 Gallons $ 24.89 a month x 12


14,000 Gallons 50.05 a month x 12


5. Sewer


7,000 Gallons $28.86 a month x 12


14,000 Gallons $56.58 a month x 12


1. Estimated Cost of building/ work associated with structure.*

Building Costs



Structure/Interior Renovation



Field Excavation (5.67 a yard)

17,010 (3000sf)


*To make the structure “green” tack on 30% to building costs.


Start up fee




Side Notes*

I have discussed the current state of the building with safety inspector Robert Isaacson who was involved in the original build of the artist lofts as well as the building in subject. His assessment includes the following:
1) plumbing and electricity is running through the building, but most of it was disabled and even cut up during the cleanup process.
2. The building is actually very stable, the foundation is much deeper then it may appear superficially. However, the roof will need some work and resealing and some of the exterior wall and brick need to be reseated and mortared. That should not overshadow the fact that it is a very strong and stable building.
3. All the doors will need to be replaced.
4. There are huge pits in the floors, but those can be remedied by simply filling them with cement.

Primarily I would like to keep the garage doors intact, signifying the original historic function and purpose of the building. I would like to supplement the internal part of the structure with space dividers, and appropriately used industrial and raw materials. This would coincide with the leveling of the floors with poured concrete.-Esther

* A Maximum of 10 % of the overall budget is allotted to fundraising.

*Executive Director,
A. Demographic research necessary with a trade or professional association to determine what the salaries traditionally are in the sector.

*and other artists under the developing supervision of the board


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